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Bell Toll Booths

I never was good at coquette 
but now I'm doing better.
I no longer aim for your morale
I have my own.
You do not control my life,
my once-darling, my once-sweet-
you were always too up in the clouds to
notice anything odd about me anyways.
Have fun on your own,
have fun missing deadlines
and living life without aid.
This isn't Kansas any more, doll. 

(This was eating my brain in Spanish today)
Life loathes me as usual, Niccolo. But life's a tough nut to crack. He's not happy with me right now, and for good reason.
     Ah, dear friend! I finally was able to see you before you left! Thank you kindly for getting on webcam with me. Though I must say, we were in equal amounts of disarray, eh? And also thank you for the historical RP with Alessia and myself. Too bad Niccolo lost at cards, right? I've decided, since your livejournal is dead, (though you still mention my posts so I assume you still get alerts) that I'll stick to webcam and DA to communicate with you. How is the new chapter going? I am ever so anxious to see it! I don't know why you wear the contact. It's amazing that you have two different color eyes. I'll be on webcam much later, if you're there. 
(aside II)
      I'm already talking to you, so there's no need for an aside. XD 
(aside III)
      Thanks for being Niccolo today. I really didn't feel like being an asshole. And Luc wanted to be Frederyk. :P He and I continued after you left, so I'll email you the final product. It was amazing, I tell you. Glad you are feeling better m'dear. Good luck with Shakespeare. Think Death Note's Light and you get the right feel for that crap. <3
Lucien just got online. :D I'll be on webcam, chatting with my best friend, talking to Zach, and eating a donut. I'm amazing. 
US X Canada. Best pairing ever. XD 
Don't even ask about the quote. It's from DA. 

{azazel and his end} is finally over, so I can go back to posting normal stuffs. The Record Project is coming to a close as well. What to do, what to do? ;)

Although I must say, I've begun to make friends with a stout little German man name Max Bruch. Unfortunately, he insists on insinuating my every pet peeve. Equally unfortunately, he is, like, one hundred years older than me. 

That's right. I've moved up a level. Max Bruch was a composer, by the way. >.> I'm talking about his Concerto in G, not him. He looked like a caveman, if one is curious. 

Have you ever wondered if you were getting into a situation you feel as if you'll deeply regret afterwards?

For some reason, I feel that way now. Yet I don't know why per se. 
I'm reading "Watchmen" for like the 80th time. I love those comics. 

Why did it take me thirty minutes to write this?
       I spoke to Alessia today. She's doing better thank God. If you can, you should get on webcam tomorrow. It's been awhile. How are you, dear friend? I couldn't reach you on DA so I figured I'd seek you on here. Did you finish the new chapter yet, or am I going to have to harp on you about it. But that would make me a hypocrite, wouldn't it? Glad you saw the meme. Do you mind if I use your name? LJ Talk doesn't say you're online, so you're probably turning in. I shall see you hopefully tomorrow afternoon. 

(aside II)
      It only took two hours to write this little stupid journal entry. Exams are coming up quick, and my bio teacher is freaking out because we can't get anything done. And we're playing games on jeopardy.com/drawing lewd things on the smartboard. This is the education system. Our tenth graders couldn't pass the 2nd Grade Chinese computer test. It was horrendously sad. Glad to know you're a writer too! We should collaborate sometime. 

(aside III)
      Did your meme. Hope you feel better soon dahling so we can get back on that RP we were doing. How does that all of a sudden connotate the bad? ;) How are you? I should get on webcam to talk to Lucien/Fiish tomorrow. I can't get over his name. It sounds like it's out of a vampire novel, combined with how he looks. >.> Did you notice on webcam that the eye he keeps behind his hair is blue while the other is brown? He's a supernatural kinda guy, eh? Haven't done asides in a while. ;) (and I forgot Fiish can read this) *hits self* 

~Heartbeatingly as always, 

And to top it all off: I HATE TWILIGHT. 


THE 100!

Record Update

So I found more records that I didn't know I had:

Copland- Appalachian Spring/ Fanfare for the Common Man -Eugene Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra -London FFR- 1977

Shostakovich- Spring Quartet No. 17 -USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra- London FFR - 1972

Chopin- Piano Concerto in F minor -Ashkenazy- Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- 1976 (This is the second copy of the Piano Concerto I have) 

And that's just about it. Epic win, no? 

I went shopping yesterday and got a music note handwarmer, Piano Keys knee-socks, Piano-key shoelaces- A Ludo Band Tee, and a really awesome Victorian-esque Graphic Tee. <3

I've recovered from my boy scare. Thank God.
Current Musical Selection: Mozart Cto. No. 4 in D Major for Violin and Orchestra. (Half-way through Joachim Cadenza! Chords are a [bleep]

Hello All!

 I'm not emo anymore!!! I love life again! 

Our robotics team got Fourteenth! I'll post Medianoche later today. :D 


I just told the man that I love that I loved him. 

This is the sorrow of the passionate frays of frenzied words
a denouement approaches, and now I feel less alone
to know that the end and I have something in common.
we end. 
I love absolutely with my heart on my sleeve. 
If you wanted to cause scandal, why not choose to with me?
I swore myself to scandal, I swore myself to you
but you can't listen, this music is mute. 

But one day,
If I ever have a son, 
I will name him after you.

Because I say, wryly, you gave me something.
You gave me heartbreak
you gave me sadness
you gave me something to play for.

And now that instrument cries the very sound of misery, 
lifelike and realistic, and heartwrenchingly pained.
My whole heart was put into you, 
and now, it's severed upon the strings.

the birth of a masterpiece.

{azazel and his end}

Still using my Vogue! Icon...

Shostakovich. What can I say? 

I was digging through my records. (again) and found that my beloved Grandfather did not collect enough Soviet-bespectacled-goodness. But I did manage to find a couple of Shostakovich records within my arsenal. My grandfather was alive when Shostakovich was alive, and their ages ran pretty close, I must add. So I suppose the shortage is due to the fact that the USSR was still up and running and Soviet music wasn't routinely exported (like everything else) into America. But the dates of these records were still set when the Soviet Union was either still in power, crumbling, or gone altogether. 

LIst: (Liszt) <--couldn't resist bad music pun. 

Symphony No. 4 (Philidelphia Orchestra) (Conducted by EUGENE ORMANDY!) (1963 release date)
Symphony No. 10 (Berlin Philharmonic) (Conducted by Herbert von Karajan) (1969)
Quartet No.3 op. 73 (Smetana Quartet) (1967)
Symphony No. 5 (Czech Philharmonic) (Conducted by Karel Ancerl) (1959) 
Symphonies Nos.2-3 (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) (Conducted by Morton Gould) (1968)
Symphony No.9 (USSR Symphony Radio Orchestra) (The conductor is not mentioned) (1972) (NOTE: This record is in Russian, so I could only make out the title, which is listed in three languages.) 

Most of the information on the back of these records is horribly outdated, and it makes me laugh. 


PS: My door is happily back on its hinges.

Medianoche ch. 2 & 3

*murderous rampage*

And YES. I will use my "Vogue" icon until I get tired of it! BECAUSE I AM VOGUE.


medianoche plz.Collapse )




 It's been raining and cold and dark for far too long. Paganini wants pancakes. 

In the sad overtones of the sodden sea, 
I hate the way you look at me. 
{azazel and his end}

Now, I'm trying to find the Barber Violin Concerto online FREE. I have no luck. 



If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Dmitri Shostakovich!




I am a shy, nervous, unassuming, fidgety, and stuttery little person who began composing the same year I started music lessons of any sort. I wrote the first of my fifteen symphonies at age 18, and my second opera, "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District," when I was only 26. Unfortunately, Stalin hated the opera, and put me on the Enemy Of The People List for life. I nevertheless kept composing the works I wanted to write in private; some of my vocal cycles and 15 string quartets mock the Soviet System in notes. And I somehow was NOT killed in the process! And Harry Potter(c) stole my glasses and broke them!




Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test




This means that I am the shit.  Mendelssohn's on the radio right now, so all is good. 

GAH! THIS HORRIBLE RAIN MUST END! Stupid, stupid rain! (Impromptu, ftw)

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

I AM STILL THE SHIT! I bet darling Felix hated the rain too.